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Property Management

Property and Estates Maintenance


Property Management Division responsibilities include management and reveiw of all building and estate development, management and review of repairs and maintenance for all buildings, roads, footpaths and external areas.

Works are carried out by a combination of in-house technical staff and external contractors.

Our main external contractors (Term Contractors) are selected as a result of detailed tendering processes to ensure value for money. In addition all contractors working on University of Stirling properties must comply with specified requirements regarding Health and Safety, insurance, etc.

Works can broadly be divided into a number of main categories:

Repairs and Emergencies

Management and control of all emergency and day-to-day repairs. These will normally be reported via our Helpdesk (Extn. 2444/6066 or 01786 466066). On average some 19,000 repairs are processed each year (Approx. 75/day).


Operation and management of all services including heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, gas supplies, hot and cold water distribution, drainage, and electrical distribution systems.

Planned Maintenance & Service Contracts

Management and organisation of all works carried out on a cyclical basis, including regular inspections and servicing of plant and equipment such as lifts, ventilation and heating plant. All inspections and works required to meet Statutory Legislation including Fire Authorities, Public Health, H & S, etc.

Condition Surveys

Organisation of regular condition surveys on all University properties and preparation of rolling maintenance and refurbishment programmes within the limits of funding.