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Property Management

Environment and Energy Management


The University monitors electricity, gas, heat and water consumption by regular meter readings at many buildings

How we can all help to save Energy and our Environment


  • Switch off lights whenever you leave a room or daylight is sufficient.
  • Switch off computer screens when away from desk (especially lunchtime and whole PC overnight).
  • Switch off photocopiers and printers overnight.
  • Switch off any other non-essential electric equipment when not in use.

Heating and Cooling

  • Report areas of overheating especially in winter months
  • Report areas of underheating - do NOT use supplementary electric heaters.
  • Ensure radiators are not blocked by furniture or files etc.
  • If opening a window turn down heating first.
  • Ensure all extractor fans are off overnight and when not required.
  • Report if you have Air Conditioning blowing cold air in winter months.


  • Report any area where water is used for cooling and subsequently dumped.
  • Report any dripping taps.
  • Report any constantly running cisterns.


  • If you have a responsibility for purchasing Electrical Equipment buy the most energy efficient. Consult our Engineering or Procurement Staff for advice.


At the end of each day (especially Friday) appoint a responsible person to check:

  • All windows and doors are closed.
  • All lights, PC's, printers, photocopiers and non-essential equipment are turned off.
  • All thermostats are set to reasonable levels.
  • All small local extractor fans are turned off.

The responsibility and ownership of this initiative is shared amongst all staff of the University and together we can reduce our overall costs and save environmental resources for future generations to enjoy.