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Property Management


Property Management has responsibility for all aspects of the development and day-to-day management of the University's estate and its buildings, this includes:

  • Management of major building and estate development projects
  • Management of minor building alterations and refurbishment works
  • General building maintenance and service repairs Help Desk including emergency works
  • Maintenance of Gardens and Grounds, Hermitage Woodland, Sports Fields and Golf Course
  • Maintenance and repairs of roads, car parks and footpaths, including snow clearing
  • Strategic Management of University Space
  • Control of Requests for new and additional keys/locks
  • Management of Utilities such as Electricity, Gas, Oil and Water
  • Environmental custodianship
  • Management of the University’s commercial space
  • Winter weather - snow & ice clearance

We will be delighted to respond to any queries which you may have regarding all aspects of Estate Management, either by e-mailing us at Help Desk or by contacting us via the contact details listed below.

We strongly encourage you to report any issues requiring the assistance of the Property Management Team. Please don't assume that someone else will have already reported the issue.


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Property Management
University of Stirling




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